Reaction to the outcome of the Greek referendum



Sergei Stanishev, President of the Party of European Socialists said: 'Greece has voted, and it is now high time to bring an end to this crisis. Greek people have suffered terribly throughout the crisis and in particular in the last week: for their sake, and for the future of Europe, all parties must sit together so that stability can be returned to Greece.

The vast majority of the Greek people remain committed to Europe. It is obvious that the harsh austerity-only policies of the conservatives have increased inequality, and hurt jobs or growth. As European Socialists, we have been fighting for years for another approach.

I remain, as always, opposed to a breakup of the Eurozone and Grexit. Trust may have been lost, but there is no choice other than to rebuild it, so that a conclusion may be brought to this difficult period in Europe's history. This requires commitment and reliability from all sides. Europe was built on a spirit of cooperation, compromise, responsibility and trust. That spirit can deliver the balanced deal that can put Greece on an economically sustainable track towards jobs, growth, and equality.'