Sergei Stanishev Calls on Preserving Collective Bargaining and the Social Model in Greece


I have been following closely the development of the negotiations for reaching an agreement on Greece’s adjustment programme. I was greatly concerned to hear that certain fundamental social principles are being put into question, notably by the IMF, with discussions on collective bargaining, collective dismissals, and lockouts. This should be a top priority in the discussion of our PES ECOFIN ministers.

Social dialogue is one of the core values of our political family. We are convinced of the importance of a constant exchange between employers and workers’ trade union in order to agree on the essential rules that regulate work in companies, sectors and economies as a whole. This is why we have always stood, and will always stand, strongly in favour of collective bargaining agreements and support as strong social dialogue all across Europe. Collective agreements are not only a way to ensure worker protection, but also the basis for more harmonious and constructive work relations. We want to develop and implement employment and social policy in close cooperation with the social partners, to ban precarious work and ensure decent standards of work to all. 

I call on all involved parties to work for a constructive solution that preserves and promotes the European Social model. It is an essential feature of our societies and needs to be respected in all countries.