Statement of solidarity on the political developments in Bulgaria



PES expresses its deep concern about the latest political developments in Bulgaria. We deplore the fact that the new government, created after the early parliamentary elections, is highly dependent on a political formation known for its nationalist, anti-humane, anti-European and xenophobic views. This support is based on an official agreement between Patriotic Front and the leading party in the government - GERB, member of EPP.

Furthermore, participation in this government of the newly created Alternative for Bulgarian Revival, presenting itself as a left-centrist party, gives rise to concerns and is damaging the trust of the Bulgarian people in the political process as a whole.

PES will closely monitor the developments in Bulgaria and is ready to react strongly to any action or decision of the government, which is incompatible with the European values and the European commitments of the country.

PES encourages the Bulgarian Socialist Party, the Bulgarian Social Democrats and the Coalition BSP left Bulgaria to remain faithful to its political platform and to position itself as a European and social alternative to the newly created government in a constructive and responsible manner.