Stronger, more united Europe in the world with Josep Borrell


Josep Borrell

Josep Borrell speaking at the PES election congress in Madrid, 2019

The High Representative for a Stronger Europe in the World designate, Josep Borrell is the right choice to have a Common European voice in a multipolar world with increasingly assertive powers.

The prospective High Representative has the right background and the right approach to the job, as has been made clear today during the hearing at the European Parliament.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said: “The EU has proven that it can be a very influential force within Europe and in the world, as long as it acts with unity, as has been the case under High representative Federica Mogherini. Our freedom and prosperity are cherished everywhere in the world, even by those who question our values. Josep Borrell has the clarity to defend and support these values – freedom, democracy, equality –, while working for conflict prevention all around the world”.

“Throughout his 40 years of public service, he has advocated for a stronger international voice for the EU, helping to institute the position of High Representative. He will stand up to those questioning liberal values and sowing discord and I am sure that he will contribute to making the EU a stronger foreign policy actor”, Stanishev said.

A former president of the EP himself, Borrell committed to using all available instruments of foreign policy building on Europe’s soft power to address new threats such as cyber and hybrid attacks and trade and monetary wars. As a foreign minister of Spain, he has been a pro-active advocate of the cause and ideals of the EU and a fighter against the manipulation and disinformation campaigns that try to undermine it.