“Time for unity, time for a deal” says PES President



Commenting on Sunday’s Eurozone Summit and meeting of the European Council on Greece, PES President Sergei Stanishev said: “The submission by the Greek authorities of a plan that looks to be serious and credible is an extremely positive development that revives hope for a positive outcome. All parties must ensure that a fair deal is concluded rapidly. This is no time for self-interest, political games or short-sighted policies.

As PES we are entirely committed to the European project and the unity of the Eurozone. We continue to do everything possible to avoid a Grexit. We want a fair deal that can lead to growth through investments and serious progressive reforms. We should be ready to seriously assess the question of debt sustainability. The solution is clear, it is within an arm’s reach. Now, let’s pave the way together for a stronger Greece in a stronger Europe”.

Greece and Europe must move towards a path of sustainability and growth. The European Union was built on the ideals of equality, cooperation and compromise, and these very same ideals need to drive this negotiation”.