‘Tour de Frans’ hits final stage as elections approach


Frans Timmermans

As the elections campaign reaches its crucial last week, Frans Timmermans is making a strong final push to get his message about a new progressive future for Europe out to voters.

The PES Common Candidate is set to visit ten cities in eight days, including Budapest, Amsterdam, Rijeka, Warsaw, Veghel, Heerlen, Barcelona, Milan, Vienna and Brussels.

Today Frans Timmermans was in Bergen op Zoom, in his home country of the Netherlands, to discuss the future of Europe with young people. He then took an electric bus to Antwerp with PvdA youth activists, who are embarking on their own four-day “Tour de Frans” through the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In Antwerp the PES Common Candidate visited City Pirates - a football club which assists people who have trouble at school or at home, or who are struggling to find a job. Later, he travelled to Dagenraadplaats to speak with people about the future of Europe.

Frans Timmermans is set to visit 19 countries on the ‘Tour de Frans’, racking up over 60 campaign visits.