16/06/2016 PES promises action for Europe’s youth at high level launch

The Party of European Socialists has launched a major campaign for a European Youth Plan to provide young people with more access to education, jobs, culture and childcare. The campaign launch included speakers from European youth organisations and trade unions who urged European leaders to act for Europe’s youth. It was attended by Ministers, party leaders, civil society, MEPs and party activists.


16/06/2016 Social Affairs Ministers welcome the PES European Youth Plan

Ministers of the Party of European Socialists (PES) for Employment and Social Affairs met in Luxembourg ahead of the EPSCO Council of 16th of June. Ministers of the social democratic family met yesterday evening in Luxembourg to discuss proposals for a more social Europe as well as other important employment and social issues currently on the European agenda.


06/06/2016 PES supports Iberian youth

The PES President has been in the Iberian Peninsula over the weekend attending the Portuguese Socialist Party’s Congress and the Spanish socialist party’s conference on youth unemployment. While countries in the region have suffered terribly in the crisis, socialist parties are fighting hard to bring them back to prosperity through investment.