2018, a decisive electoral year

Ballot box

Elections in 2018 will set the tone for the future of the European Union -- and we stand ready to support all progressive parties, wherever they face electoral challenges! Some of our government parties will face the popular vote. Some of our governments-in-waiting will fight for the power to change the political agenda. All of that is setting the stage for the 2019 European elections and will be shaping European policy, hopefully in a progressive way, with a Union more social and more opened towards its citizens.

There will be parliamentary elections in Italy (4 March) and Sweden (9 September). Both elections will be very important for our political family and will set the tone of the future development of the European Union. We wish the best of luck to Partito Democratico and Socialdemokraterna.

In April, there will be elections for the Hungarian parliament, currently dominated by the hard right and far right. The current political atmosphere of 'Orbanistan' is toxic. We wish success to our Hungarian parties MSZP and MSZDP.

We will defend the presidency in Montenegro, where Filip Vujanovic, from our associate member party DPS, will stand down after serving two full terms.

And don’t forget the general elections in Slovenia in July and the local elections in the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium in October! We need more progressives in power so we can make our countries and the EU more fair and social.