Activist talks. A new concept to give you the floor!

PES activist

During one of the sessions of the PES Activists at the last PES Council in Prague we introduced a new format, the Activist Talks. This was inspired by the famous TED Talks, where one person takes the floor to present a specific topic of their interest within a given timeframe. We asked nine of the PES Activists from different countries to present different issues of their choice and to talk about their personal motivation in a short time. Each of them got four minutes to speak and share their story, either with or without a presentation.

The speakers shared their personal stories and their involvement in different fields of activism. With different backgrounds and political knowledge they were listened to, attracted so much attention and were able to motivate others to be more active in the future. The new practice was really well received by the audience. Every speaker had a different story with a different angle, from the LGBTI movement to local politics. We tried to provide the audience with different points of view and different experiences, to inspire them about a range of visions and practical tools. The greatest source of inspiration is often found within our own movement, at the grass roots. This is where we tried to go with the Activist Talks.

The Talks were a great way for the Activists to share their personal stories, their expertise and their successful practices. What better way to learn and to be inspired than by people who are in the same boat and share the same ideals and motivation. It was great to hear stories from all sides of the continent and what activism means in these different contexts. The Talks went from very personal stories, to practical tools, to campaign strategies, to inspiring experiences. The Activist speakers exceeded our expectations and made the format a great success and definitely something to repeat in future events.

Looking forward to see you in our next event. Prepare your story, maybe you will be the one on the stage!