Go Martin!

Martin Schulz

This time the German election is about justice. According to the polls, social justice is the most important issue for German voters. This gives Martin Schulz and SPD an opportunity to achieve change by winning the election and leading the Federal Government. It won’t be an easy one, though.

Germans value stability. During the last four years, the SPD has contributed to increasing the welfare of Germans, pushing for a law on minimum wages and getting it, changing the rules for wage transparency to tackle the gender pay gap or forcing the Merkel the Queen of Ambiguity to accept marriage equality. Those policies wouldn’t have happened through the CDU’s own initiative, let alone in a coalition with the liberals and their current reactionary views, especially about the EU.
Inequalities are growing deeper in the German society, the long time epitome of an egalitarian society. Yet, since the last polls, the prospects look more difficult than they were when Martin announced his candidacy. The left vote is split among three parties.

What will the Left Party and the Greens do if they have the chance to vote the austerity obsessed Merkel out?

The reality remains: If you want to un-elect Merkel, you need to vote for the SPD.
Go Martin!