Good news from Malta and the UK

The press is constantly accusing our political family of losing popularity among citizens and not winning elections. We were even called “The Dying Roses” by a British newspaper some months ago. Today the very same media praises Jeremy Corbyn for his amazing result in the snap UK election this June. The UK Labour party is a very active member of the PES and their good results and rising popularity makes our political family proud.

The same applies in Malta, a country well known as a leading example of social justice, equality and freedoms. Our member party Partit Laborista won the recent election with a remarkable 55% vote share.

Socialists currently govern eight European countries. As Martin Schulz, the social democrat candidate for chancellor of Germany, said at the SPD congress last weekend, we can only guarantee a united, strong and prosperous Europe if socialists lead national governments. Right-wing policies and austerity lead to more division and feed populism.