PES Activists forum out now!

PES activists' forum

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear activists, the forum you’ve been waiting for is here. A forum exclusively devoted to politics and political discussions, where you will be able to exchange your points of view with other activist colleagues.

Why are we doing this in the era of social networks? Mainly because we want something separate from other tools with a more general or personal purpose. As popular and useful as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram may be, we don’t want to rely on a private platform to have our discussions. We have built ours.

What topics are welcome? All, unless they are deemed to be offensive. You will be able to submit your topics for debate once you are registered. We might regroup topics and conversations of a similar nature under the same forum and we will try to keep the debate as lively as possible!

We want to read your thoughts, we need your ideas if we are to serve the people and connect with young voters’ worries. You are the future after all.

Access the forum