PES Common candidate enters last lap

Activists campaigning

The window to nominate names for PES Common Candidate is now open. Anyone opting to become our common candidate will need to be nominated by a PES full member party or organisation and supported by at least 25% of them. The PES has 33 full member parties and 5 organisations. The deadline for nominations is 18 October.

After the nomination is accepted, provided there are more than one contender, an open and transparent selection process will take place. Our parties and organisations are free to decide how to make their choice. Some might do primaries, some might leave the decision to their conferences, or leadership boards or their executive committees. 

On 1 December – PES European Election Day - the results of the selection process will be announced. The PES Common Candidate-designate will address officially the delegates and the guests of the PES Congress, on 7-8 December in Lisbon.