We support EC Vice President Timmermans on Poland and Hungary

Frans Timmermans

The PES supports the European Commission in its decision to launch infringement procedures concerning the rule of law in Poland and fundamental rights in Hungary. We particularly support the work of Vice-President Timmermans, a long-time member of our social democratic family, who has led the European response to the unacceptable authoritarian trends of both governments: weakening the independence of the Constitutional Court and public media in Poland, and breaching the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights in Hungary, by trying to close independent universities and NGO’s, refusing to take refugees and instigating a climate of hatred against the EU through biased referendums.

The EU is not only a market, which means that infringement procedures should not be limited to matters such as deficit and debt targets. We also believe that a frank dialogue will help to correct the situation in both countries without the need for sanctions.