We are the Future of Europe!


It’s not a statement - it’s a fact! The future of Europe and of the European Union depends entirely on us. Whether we decide to step aside and let populists shape it for us, or we fight and shape it ourselves, that is a matter of individual choice.

The progressive forces in the EU have already made their choice! The Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament, alongside their partners have started an 18-month journey that will end just before the next European elections, giving us all a clear vision on what people want and expect from us and how exactly we can deliver.

Brussels and Prague have been the first two steps of this journey. On March 24 we took a bold third step, in organising a #EuropeTogether event in Rome, just one day before the 60 years anniversary of the Treaties. And when bold people take risks - they win! On Friday we have won the hearts and the attention of thousands of Europeans listening and engaging with us both in the Auditorium della Conciliazione in Rome, and online. Together with them and with an array of impressive and motivated speakers we have come up with a comprehensive statement on the Future of Europe, which everyone can see on www.europe-together.eu. This platform is also the place where we welcome everyone’s input and comments. Because this is the spot where we debate on the future of our Union, in the easiest and most accessible way.

Europe doesn’t need speeches anymore. It needs people who want to act. And that’s what we want -  to act for a better future for all. Together!