Welcome Benoît, Welcome Martin

Benoît Hamon
Martin Schulz

Recent weeks have given our parties new hope ahead of important elections in Germany and France. We are fighting against the odds in both countries, but we are well equipped to go out and spread our message to voters.

In France, Benoît Hamon comes with fresh ideas about the post-growth society, shifting taxation from labour towards capital and preserving social standards, without invoking protectionism: “During the campaign, I have found out that France is in love with justice and liberty, that it is open to difference. We forget this when we have nostalgia of the past.” Benoît was appointed the candidate of the Parti Socialiste on 5 February.

In Germany, Martin Schulz is determined to take the SPD from junior partner to leading the government. The SPD’s responsibility in recent years has been to ensure stability – now it’s time to win the election, to stand against social injustice and increasingly open bigotry. The polls are promising and, as Martin himself says, “everything is possible”. This is the former European Parliament president who took centre stage during the debates around the Greek bailout and the refugee inflow, and raised the profile of the institution. This is a friend of Europe who is fluent in five languages.

Both Benoît and Martin defend open societies, the European social model and further European integration on defence. We are convinced that they will be strong candidates and we are ready to stand behind them.

It’s time to speak proudly about Europe. Both Benoît and Martin will.