• Individual members of the Europe's Socialist, Social Democratic and Labour Parties can now directly participate in PES party life by becoming a PES activist.
  • In EU countries political parties are organised on local, regional and national level. Being a PES activist is a new level of involvement - the 4th house of European democracy.
  • PES activists boost the PES by participating in common campaigns, by promoting debate on European politics and by providing grassroots voice on our work.
  • PES activists campaign across Europe - in the street and on-line - they exchange information and views and they take part in PES meetings and activities such as PES councils and forum. They organise twinning, write blogs and ask questions to top European politicians on our PES website. In some European cities there are even PES activist city groups and the numbers keep rising.
  • Activists can post comments in their own languages but the PES activists website is in English only due to financial constraints. The content of the pages dedicated to the activists only reflects the views of their authors.

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