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23/02/2019 PES Manifesto, 2019

The programme of the PES for the European elections 2019, organised around 6 main topics: Equality and Solidarity; Democracy and Human Rights; Environment and Sustainability; Youth and Future; Gender Equality; Asylum and Migration.

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07/12/2018 A healthy environment and food, green growth and modern industries, Congress Resolution

The PES Congress Resolution highlights the need to change our economic model towards sustainability, fight climate change, implement a just transition to a carbon-neutral society and protect nature from pollution and waste.


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01/11/2018 Just Transition – Decent Green Jobs, Modernised Economy, Citizens’ Wellbeing - Brochure

The PES Just Transition Brochure includes comprehensive proposals to rethink the way we live, work and consume. It outlines our new industrial strategy towards carbon-neutrality while simultaneously promoting decent jobs and more equal societies in the new economy.

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18/04/2018 Letter to PES governments on Negotiations on the Clean Energy Package Legislation - by Sergei Stanishev, Kathleen Van Brempt and Jorge Seguro Sanches, 18 April 2018

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01/12/2017 #Progressive Europe/Renewal - Council Resolution

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13/10/2017 Make the EU Mobility Package a real opportunity to create a fairer European road transport sector - Ministers' Declaration

Make the EU Mobility Package a real opportunity to create a fairer European road transport sector - Declaration of PES Transport Ministers, October 2017

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03/12/2016 Saving Europe: for Youth and Progress - Council Declaration

The PES wants the life of tomorrow to be better and brighter to that of today. To do so, we must fight inequality and discrimination, and protect our European values.

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14/11/2016 The need of a stronger European Union in challenging times - Ministers' Declaration

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01/06/2016 Towards a social Energy Union: Tackling energy poverty in Europe - Declaration of PES Energy Ministers

The ministerial declaration proposes progressive measures to tackle energy poverty, increase energy efficiency and strengthen consumer rights.

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21/10/2015 21 Progressive proposals for COP21 - Brochure & Leaders' Declaration

These 21 proposals outline the PES vision for effectively shaping the fight against climate change on the international level under the leadership of the European Union. These 21 proposals have been and still are instrumental to the PES agenda on combatting climate change.

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