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25/06/2020 PES Presidency Declaration: The PES stands strong against racism, xenophobia and discrimination

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25/06/2020 PES Presidency Declaration: Saving lives, saving jobs - PES strategy to contain and recover from the COVID-19 crisis


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27/05/2020 PES Presidency Declaration on European Commission's Recovery Plan announcement

The COVID19 strongly impacted the lives of every single European. In addition to hundreds of thousands of lives claimed by the pandemic, the European economy was severely damaged by the restrictions imposed in the fight against the virus. Since the beginning of the crisis, the PES has advocated for a strong recovery plan, with strong financial instruments to protect citizens and get the EU back on its feet. In this context, the PES Presidency welcomes the European Commission Next Generation EU plan of €750 billion to address and tackle the crisis. This is a historic moment and we believe that this plan must strengthen our social model as well as the green and digital transitions and must be based on our common European values

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09/05/2020 PES Presidency Declaration on Europe Day

Socialists and democrats from across Europe mark Europe Day (9 May) by agreeing a joint declaration on their shared progressive vision for Europe’s future. 

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21/06/2019 Adopted PES Women Statement for a feminist Europe 2019-2024

In the framework of PES Campaign for a feminist Europe, PES Women presented their Statement to European decision-makers, calling to put gender equality into practice during the 2019-2024 mandate. The statement points out the necessity of considering Gender Equality as one of the core values of the European Union; the urge of having a Europe representing woman and men equally and to put forward an ambitious Gender Equality Strategy in Europe.

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23/02/2019 PES Manifesto, 2019

The programme of the PES for the European elections 2019, organised around 6 main topics: Equality and Solidarity; Democracy and Human Rights; Environment and Sustainability; Youth and Future; Gender Equality; Asylum and Migration.

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07/12/2018 For a Europe of gender equality and empowered women, Congress Resolution

The Lisbon Resolution resumes the women’s situation of the last two years in the world, where they globally stood up to claim their rights and tell the world that they have had enough; enough of being paid less than men for the same work; enough of not being free to decide about their own bodies; enough of being harassed or abused at work, enough of being made to stay at home and fulfil traditional roles. The Resolution outlines the political will of PES Women and PES to advance gender equality across all fields and sectors by calling for an EU Gender Equality Strategy.


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07/12/2018 PES Women Activity Report - PES Women activity Report 2015 -2018: “Enhancing Gender Equality and Women’s rights discussions through PES Women

The PES Women activity report includes the list of activities – statutory meetings, conferences, campaigns and other activities - organised by PES Women and held in different parts of Europe, as well as a brief description of its main contents and aims.

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12/03/2018 Statement on Istanbul Convention - Ministers' Declaration

PES Gender Equality Ministers and State secretaries adopted and signed the Statement on the Istanbul Convention in New York, in which they call on the Bulgarian Presidency to encourage all EU Member states to ratify as soon as possible the Istanbul Convention. The statement refers to the UN 2030 agenda and the EU commitment to achieve true gender equality (‘making the planet 50/50’).

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01/12/2017 #Progressive Europe/Renewal - Council Resolution

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