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The PES fights for a fairer Europe. That means opportunities for all, a sustainable and green economy, respect for the rule of law, and strong democracies. Together with all our member parties across Europe, we are constantly working to provide policies and solutions on how to achieve a fairer Europe. Check out our brochures for more details.

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23/02/2019 PES Manifesto, 2019

The programme of the PES for the European elections 2019, organised around 6 main topics: Equality and Solidarity; Democracy and Human Rights; Environment and Sustainability; Youth and Future; Gender Equality; Asylum and Migration.

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01/12/2017 #Progressive Europe/Renewal - Council Resolution

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31/05/2017 For a fair penalties system - Declaration by PES Justice Ministers

In a European Union which faces challenges around adherence to the Rule of Law, this declaration reaffirms the PES’s commitment to fundamental rights and the guarantee of equal justice for all citizens. It contributes to the debate over the function of penalties in judicial courts and proposes progressive actions around prevention and rehabilitation processes, in order to guarantee a just, harmonious and inclusive society.

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03/12/2016 Saving Europe: for Youth and Progress - Council Declaration

The PES wants the life of tomorrow to be better and brighter to that of today. To do so, we must fight inequality and discrimination, and protect our European values.

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14/11/2016 The need of a stronger European Union in challenging times - Ministers' Declaration

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22/04/2016 European Solidarity against Terrorism - PES Presidency Declaration

In the wake of terror attacks across Europe and the globe, this declaration adopted by the PES Presidency strongly condemns all violence and calls for these crimes to be dealt with accordingly. We reaffirm the commitment of our political family to work at every level to fight against terrorism and radicalisation, to promote education, and to discuss integration and inclusive policies.

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22/03/2016 Joint declaration on terrorist attacks in Brussels

Following the terrorist attack in Brussels, the major European political parties have released a joint statement calling for a unified joint action to ensure the safety of the citizens, while respecting the values of freedom and democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights.

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19/11/2015 United for secure, tolerant and open societies

After terrorist attacks in Paris, the PES Presidency has adopted a declaration condemning the violence and highlighting the necessity to act strongly, and in a united way, to fight against terrorism and preserve our open, tolerant and secure societies.


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13/06/2015 PES Roadmap toward 2019 - Congress Declaration

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23/04/2015 The Presidency declaration on refugees ahead of the Extraordinary EU Council meeting

The Presidency declaration outlines our proposals for a strong and progressive answer to the refugee crisis. The PES fights for EU efforts to be fully focused towards safeguarding human lives, protecting refugees, constructing effective migration policies in Europe, fighting against criminal organisations and human trafficking and strong cooperation with third countries.

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