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The PES fights for a fairer Europe. That means opportunities for all, a sustainable and green economy, respect for the rule of law, and strong democracies. Together with all our member parties across Europe, we are constantly working to provide policies and solutions on how to achieve a fairer Europe. Check out our brochures for more details.

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22/02/2021 An Ambitious Social Action Plan

Declaration of PES Employment and Social Affairs Ministers, adopted at the online PES meeting of Employment and Social Affairs (EPSCO) ministers

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12/06/2020 PES culture ministers’ declaration - EU must protect artists and performers

Europe must support its cultural and creative sectors with dedicated recovery funding. 
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27/05/2020 PES Presidency Declaration on European Commission's Recovery Plan announcement

The COVID19 strongly impacted the lives of every single European. In addition to hundreds of thousands of lives claimed by the pandemic, the European economy was severely damaged by the restrictions imposed in the fight against the virus. Since the beginning of the crisis, the PES has advocated for a strong recovery plan, with strong financial instruments to protect citizens and get the EU back on its feet. In this context, the PES Presidency welcomes the European Commission Next Generation EU plan of €750 billion to address and tackle the crisis. This is a historic moment and we believe that this plan must strengthen our social model as well as the green and digital transitions and must be based on our common European values

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26/04/2019 If Europe doesn’t care for the people, the people won’t care for Europe - Ministers' Declaration

In the midst of intense negotiations around Europe’s budget for 2021-2027, PES European Affairs Ministers set out how the EU’s main financial tool can provide added value for citizens.

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23/02/2019 PES Manifesto, 2019

The programme of the PES for the European elections 2019, organised around 6 main topics: Equality and Solidarity; Democracy and Human Rights; Environment and Sustainability; Youth and Future; Gender Equality; Asylum and Migration.

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07/12/2018 Empowering youth, Congress Resolution

The PES adopted a resolution calling for the reinforcement of progressive action in youth policies. Our political family highlighted the need for more investments for children and youth, for making education and training accessible to all and to improve the participation of children and young people in all aspects of life.


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01/12/2017 #Progressive Europe/Renewal - Council Resolution

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03/12/2016 Saving Europe: for Youth and Progress - Council Declaration

The PES wants the life of tomorrow to be better and brighter to that of today. To do so, we must fight inequality and discrimination, and protect our European values.

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14/11/2016 The need of a stronger European Union in challenging times - Ministers' Declaration

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12/10/2016 Ensuring the Youth guarantee is a European success story - Ministers' Declaration

PES EPSCO Ministers adopted a declaration calling for the Youth Guarantee to be accessible to every young European. Our political family fights for the Youth Guarantee to become a permanent feature of EU employment policies and a central component of the European Social Model.

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