PES President on Romania: “Victor Ponta is simply redressing the democratic imbalances that have taken place under the previous Government”

Victor Ponta & Sergei Stanishev

Party of European Socialists (PES) President Sergei Stanishev today held a joint press conference with the Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta in Brussels. Commenting on the recent developments in Romania, Mr. Stanishev publicly expressed his full support for the Romanian government. He condemned the hypocrisy and ‘opportunism’ with which European Conservatives had over-exaggerated and attacked the political processes in the country.

Last Friday, the Romanian Parliament suspended the President from office in an overwhelming vote, under accusations of abuse of power and violations of the country's Constitution. The Romanian Constitutional Court has validated the legality of the Parliament’s actions, confirming a national referendum on whether to uphold the impeachment, which will be held on July 29.

PES President Sergei Stanishev underlined that; “Victor Ponta is simply redressing the democratic imbalances that have taken place under the previous Government. His commitment to the highest democratic standards is clear. Victor has already indicated his willingness to immediately ask the Romanian Parliament to implement, were the European Commission to make any recommendations”.

Regarding the attacks by European right-wing elements, particularly by members of the European People’s Party, Mr. Stanishev added that; “their ill-informed comments have been out of order. They have used tabloid and thuggish language and, what is worse, they constitute an attempt to stifle the hopes of renewal and justice in Romania”.


Since 2004, Traian Băsescu’s presidency has been characterized by a continued abuse of power and manipulation over ministers. Exceeding his authority as President, Băsescu persistently blocked and influenced government’s decisions, going as far as proposing laws and publicly requesting reforms beyond his jurisdiction – in particular the privatization of the health care system which sparked the country’s largest protests in 20 years.