Equal Pay

Equal Pay

The PES Women campaign for Equal Pay was originally launched in 2013 and is the main feature of 2017. The campaign raises awareness about the 16.2% gender pay gap that exists at European level.

While in 2013 it focused on the pension gap between men and women, this year's theme is "Start sooner to get equal pay later", denouncing the fact that women would have to work ten years longer – or start working ten years earlier – to match the lifetime earnings of men.

This year's is a joint campaign with Zij-Kant and ABVV.

In order to shut the gender pay gap, PES Women calls for:

  • a common target to be established in order to reduce the Gender Pay Gap by 2% per year and per Member State for all age groups 
  • monitoring the reduction of the gender pay gap through audits at European level
  • clear and dissuasive sanctions in the European legislation in case of non-fulfilment of the objectives

Unequal campaign materials 2017 

Campaign material 2017

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