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Unequal Pay Day Europe 2017

From October 31 on, women work for free

On 31 October, PES Women together with zij-kant is calling for a second action day to close the gender pay gap: the European Unequal Pay Day, a symbolic day to raise awareness on the fact that female workers in Europe still earn 16% less than their male colleagues and which depicts that from this day on women effectively are working for free until the end of the year.

While the European pay gap of 16% translates into two full months of unpaid labour and thus leads to the European Unequal Pay Day on the 31 October, on national level this day can fall earlier or later in the year, depending on the respective pay gap in each Member State.

Open your mind_Close the gap

For the European action day, PES Women launched a social media campaign in the run-up to the European Unequal Pay Day. Under the slogan ‘Open your mind_Close the gap’ the campaign provides colourful visuals with facts and figures on the gender pay gap as well as on underlying causes that lead to unequal salaries.

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