A European Work Programme or a European Job Loss Programme?” PES criticize European Commission work programme priorities



Commenting on the European Commission’s work programme for 2010 presented today, Party of European Socialists (PES) President Poul Nyrup Rasmussen said that; “the work programme falls far short of the political courage needed to tackle the economic and financial crisis”. He added that “to face up to challenges of unemployment, social inequalities and climate change, the Commission must prioritise progressive growth policies, instead of continuing its obsession with fiscal consolidation”.

On the employment and social consequences of the crisis Mr. Rasmussen stated:

“The Commission fails to address the severe impact of the crisis on jobs, social protection and inclusion. By advocating a rolling back of crisis-related support measures, the Commission plays into the hands of the Conservatives. Their callous exit strategies will lead to 4.5 million lost jobs. This is more a jobs loss programme than a work programme”.

The PES President cautiously welcomes that an initiative regarding posted workers is included in the work programme, but expresses concern that its aim is solely “to clarify the implementation of the posted workers’ directive”. Mr. Rasmussen stated that;

“President Barroso must stick to his promise, which he made last September, before being approved by the European Parliament for a second term – a promise to address the European Court of Justice’ controversial interpretation of the directive”.

The PES has called for a fundamental revision of the directive, in order to ensure equal pay for equal work.