After U.S. Elections: Europe should remain leading example of Democracy



The American people made their choice on 9 November 2016. Donald Trump came victorious after the last night election for U.S. president and the PES respects the will of the American voters.

PES President Stanishev said: ”This is obviously not the result we were hoping for, but it’s a result of the Democracy in which we deeply believe.
Mr.Trump was elected on 9 November. On the same date 27 years ago the Berlin Wall was brought down and a new, broader and peaceful cooperation started in Europe and in the World.
Let us all keep the beautiful meaning of this date.”

European Socialists and Democrats stand in solidarity with their friends in the US Democratic Party and their supporters this morning. PES delegations were in the U.S. at a different stages of the election campaign.

Stanishev added: “The result of the U.S. Elections is also a wakeup call for the Socialists and Democrats in Europe. We might have been underestimating the despair of the citizens and now we are surprised by the results in some elections. Socialists and Democrats should be holding stronger to our values. Europe should remain leading example of Democracy and defender of human rights. But our political family should be more persuasive in offering our progressive solutions to the problems that are currently top of the citizen’s agenda.”