CSSD fighting for Czech people's interests at home and Czech Republic’s reputation abroad, says PES President Stanishev


Continuing an end of year visit to Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia, the PES President, Sergei Stanishev today (18 December) held meetings in Prague with theCzech Member Party (CSSD). Mr. Stanishev met with CSSD leader Bohuslav Sobotka and with the CSSD Presidential candidate Jiří Dienstbier. He congratulated Mr. Dienstbier for his strong Presidential campaign.

The PES President also praised Mr. Sobotka for; “fighting for Czech people's interests at home and Czech Republic’s reputation abroad”. He added that; “the CSSD has championed strong social standards, solid pensions, good social housing and a higher minimum wage. This shows the commitment to people hit by this on-going economic crisis”.

This stands in stark contrast to the behaviour of the Conservative Government.

Mr. Stanishev emphasised that the fight was abroad as well as at home. He said that; “The CSSD is also sending a signal to the world that there is a strong progressive voice in the Czech Republic. The CSSD supports the Palestinian status at the UN. The CSSD would have sent enthusiastic representatives to Oslo for the Nobel Prize ceremony. Bohuslav is showing how different things would be under a Sobotka administration”.

The meetings were held in the Czech Parliament. The PES delegation also visited the CSSD party Headquarters to discuss on-going strategy and coordination. Foremost were plans for cooperation ahead of the 2014 European elections.