Commission Vice-President and PES Energy State Secretaries discuss future of EU energy policy


Maros Sefcovic

Jorge Seguro Sanches, Portuguese secretary of state for energy, and Emil Högberg, Swedish state secretary to the minister for policy coordination and energy, today met with Maros Sefcovic, European Commission Vice-President for Energy Union, to discuss the future of EU energy policy.


Mr Sanches is also the chair of the network of PES energy ministers.

Portuguese Secretary of State Sanches said:

“The Energy Union project must improve the citizens’ everyday lives. Under the lead of Commission Vice-President Maros Sefcovic the European Commission in its recent Energy Union legislation clearly recognised that energy poverty is a major societal problem in the European Union, as we as social democrats have been calling for. There is also agreement emerging now that the EU needs to organise a just transition with the involvement of social partners that offers workers in carbon-intensive sectors new and good job opportunities in greener industries.
As social democrats we strongly strongly support this agenda.Today’s meeting was an important step to re-affirm our common priorities as social democrats, and to further strengthen our cooperation in the field of energy policies in the future.”

Swedish State Secretary Högberg added:

“We also want the European Union to pursue climate targets as ambitious as possible to decarbonise our economies. Especially now that there is uncertainty about the United States’ commitment to tackle the climate crisis, Europe needs to step-up its efforts for a clean environment. This will not only protect the planet, but it will also open great opportunities to foster Europe’s leadership in green innovation which will be the cornerstone of the industry and jobs of the future.”