Elections in Germany: an alarming signal


German Bundestag

Yesterday’s general election in Germany was a setback in the fight against the far-right in Europe. A nationalistic party will be represented in the German parliament and it is already receiving congratulations from far-right allies in France and the Netherlands, who suffered defeat in their respective national elections earlier this year.

Unfortunately, German Social Democrats lost part of their current seats in the Bundestag -- though the losses for the Christian Democrats and their allies were far more severe.

President of PES Sergei Stanishev said: “We should not lower our guard in the fight against the far-right in Europe. Now we hear an alarm signal from Germany -- a signal that repeats exactly what German Social democrats were saying during their election campaign: we must focus on the problems of everyday people, and act to improve citizen’s lives, defend solidarity and social justice. Anything else leaves space for populism.”

The SPD achieved many good things for the German people during the last 4 years as part of the grand coalition in the country. Sadly, the results at the current election show that they were not given the credit for their achievements.

“The Party of European Socialists is the lead fighter in the battle for democracy, equality and social rights. And this is what our member party in Germany SPD was doing, and will continue to do even more so now in opposition – leading the fight against the conservatives’ exhausting austerity and the far-rights’ hazardous ambition”. Stanishev added.