Energy Union on track


Today, Maros Sefcovic, Commission Vice-President for Energy Union, who comes from the Party of European Socialists, presented the European Commission’s first State of the Energy Union. This report looks at progress made in the implementation of the Energy Union strategy that was published by Commission Vice-President Sefcovic in February this year.

The Energy Union strategy proposes a set of measures to decarbonise the European economy by fostering energy efficiency and the use of renewables, to deepen the internal market for energy, to increase electricity cross-border interconnections, to reinforce European energy diplomacy, as well as a plan for world-leading European research and innovation on energy and climate.

PES President Sergei Stanishev commented on the first State of the Energy Union report: ‘After just one year in office, Commission Vice-President of Energy Union Maros Sefcovic has already delivered an incredible piece of work. By launching the Energy Union project he has given new impetus to European energy policy. Today’s first State of the Energy Union shows that the Energy Union strategy is no paper tiger but that its implementation is well on track. It is starting to take concrete shape – many measure (which are crucial to making our economy more environmentally sustainable) are already on their way or even implemented.

I am particularly happy to see the Commission’s focus on energy poor households and vulnerable energy consumers and that it promises action to tackle this problem that is of key concern to the PES. In this context, the Commission should prepare a communication and a concrete strategy to tackle energy poverty in Europe.

But the State of the Energy Union also highlights where more work still needs to be done at Member State, regional and EU level to achieve our climate and energy targets. I am specifically concerned about Maros Sefcovic’s findings that the EU is not on track to meet its energy efficiency targets. As the PES, with our ministers in the Energy Council and the S&D Group in the European Parliament we will work together with Vice-President Sefcovic to reinforce Europe’s efforts to put in place ambitious climate and energy policies.’