Europe's social democrats welcome SPD's landmark EU stance in pre-coalition talks


Martin Schulz

The Party of European Socialists warmly welcomes the new position on Europe negotiated by the SPD in its pre-talks discussion on a future German coalition government.

The chapter on Europe in the pre-talks document lays out a strong and positive vision for the future of the EU and Germany’s central role in it.

Sergei Stanishev, president of the PES, said:

"The principles adopted by this document mark a crucial moment for the relaunch of Europe. It is a credit to Martin Schulz and the SPD that this has been achieved even at this early stage of discussions.

"The document can bring real change for the better in Europe and in Germany. If adopted as policy by a future German government, this would constitute not only a renewal of Germany’s place at the centre of European integration, but one with clear progressive hallmarks to relaunch the European project in favour of all its citizens: quality jobs, infrastructures, research, cohesion, and the fight for Europe’s youth. It will mean a stronger and more stable Eurozone, which is to the benefit of Germans and all Europeans."