FN defeated by citizens mobilization in French regional elections



The Party of European Socialists has welcomed the results of the French election, from which Front National emerged with no regions in their control. Sergei Stanishev, PES President said ‘I congratulate French citizens who mobilised against the FN’s scare-mongering to resoundingly beat the Front National into third place. By turning out and voting, they showed that they value democracy, multiculturalism, and equality, and that France is stronger when it is open and pluralist.’

‘Marine Le Pen’s messages of hate have been defeated in the second round of the regional elections. This is a good day for all those who believe in the values of the French Republic.’ 

‘The Parti Socialiste’s selfless attitude contributed to this result in many ways. They took the decision not to present any candidate to the second round in the 3 regions where they were in 3rd position. This altruistic choice succeeded in preventing the Front National from winning those regions. This, and strong results in many regions mean that the elections were a positive result for the PS. I commend them for this.’