Federica Mogherini showed humanity in the face of brutality


In the wake of the horrific terrorist attacks which rocked Brussels on 22 March Federica Mogherini displayed a very human reaction during a press conference. She has since been attacked by the right wing who have claimed this indicates weakness. Sergei Stanishev responded: 'On the contrary to right wing claims that tears are a sign of weakness, we believe this represents Federica Mogherini's deep humanity and empathy. Qualities which have already led to many diplomatic successes in her role as High Representative. The right must move on from their masculine politics of old.'

Ms Mogherini has called for cooperation in the wake of the Brussels attacks:

'We need to improve the cooperation and exchange of information between intelligence services. A central intelligence service needs to be created in this context. Member States must share information on terrorism in Europe with Europol.'