Greece must not turn its back on Europe



Speaking ahead of the Greek referendum this Sunday Sergei Stanishev, PES President said: ‘This has been a sad and difficult week for all of us, who support Europe and want it to continue with Greece at its heart. I think of the Greek pensioners queuing to receive their pensions, and the Greek children growing up with such an uncertain future – of jobs, of their place in Europe. This troubles me greatly, and only strengthens my resolve to continue supporting the Greek people. As European Socialists we have never wavered in our support for Greece in the Eurozone or in Europe, and we have never wavered in our efforts to change Europe.’

'We have fought hard to reform Europe against the conservative forces who have inflicted harsh austerity and together, we have achieved a lot, but we can only do so if we are united.’

‘By voting in the referendum on Sunday Greek people are using their free choice. I sincerely hope that in doing so they will not turn their backs on Europe, whose birthplace is in Greece.’

‘Greece’s children are also Europe’s children. It is for them, for the workers, the unemployed, the elderly, the mothers and fathers, that we are working. It is with them that we want to work together for our common European future. I am convinced that the Greek people will choose Europe.’