Greece must remain at the heart of EU



In light of today’s crucial Eurogroup meeting that will discuss the critical situation in Greece, PES President Sergei Stanishev stated: "There is absolutely no questions that the future of Greece must be at the heart of the EU, in the Eurozone. This is clear and should be the common red line that all parties involved agree on."

"We urgently need a fair and sustainable deal for Greece and the Greek people who have suffered heavily from the crisis. The choice cannot be between continuing the failed austerity-only approach, or an exit from the Eurozone. Nor can the road to recovery be guided by a refusal to engage in the bold and necessary progressive reforms. At the same time, all Europeans deserve a transparent process that does not leave space for interpretation and hearsay on such an important matter for the future of Europe."

"It is urgent to find a fair deal for Greece that includes commitments to meeting economic and social objectives and is based on a strong progressive reform agenda that protects the weakest and restores social balance and equality. We must look to the long term and make sure that the reforms put the Greek welfare state and its economy back on a track of sustainability. I call on the Greek government, representatives of the European Institutions and the IMF to consider all solutions for a fair deal. The Greek government must show leadership and respect its commitments. At the same time international creditors must demonstrate flexibility, and depart from the failed austerity-only approach of the troika."

"We must all recognize the urgency of the situation. Europe can only be strong if it remains united. We must take bold decisions for the best of Greece, the Eurozone and Europeans."