In solidarity with Nepal - Help now!


Nepal earthquake - rescuers at work

The PES expresses its full solidarity and empathy with the people of Nepal. The violent earthquake that struck Nepal last Saturday has caused a death toll of at least 4,400 and has left more than 8,000 injured. Rescuers are working day to try and retrieve survivors from the ruins, while hospitals struggle with overpopulation and lack of medicine. In order to respond to this horrifying tragedy, the PES supports SOLIDAR's initiative of an emergency fund for Nepal and calls all institutional partners and individuals to take part to this effort.

You can help Nepal

To help Nepalese people in this moment of desperate need, any help you can spare is welcome. Please make your donation via Bank Transfer to:

IBAN: BE53 7310 0861 1753
Account holder: SOLIDAR Foundation for humanitarian, development and European cooperation ASBL
Mentioning: ‘Nepal Solidarity’


SOLIDAR is a European network of NGOs working to advance social justice in Europe and worldwide. The network has 60 member organisations and is brought together by its shared values of solidarity, equality and participation. SOLIDAR members AWO International, ASB Germany, Danish People’s Aid, SOLIDAR Suisse, Samaritan Austria, Volkshilfe Austria, Norwegian People’s Aid together with their Nepalese partners, are working to raise funds and to deploy missions to the epicentre to help those people in need with first aid, shelter, medications, food and other support.