Ivica Racan - Man of integrity


Ivica Racan

The Party of European Socialists today mourns the loss of Ivica Racan, the Leader of the Croatian Social Democrats. Ivica Racan played a key role in the break-up of the old Yugoslav Communist Party and later kept the torch of democracy alight, as Leader of the Opposition, during the rule of nationalist, President Franjo Tudjman. Ivica Racan’s years as Prime Minister from 2000-2003 marked the opening up of the country to Europe and the world, and the start of serious economic development. In opposition he was elected SDP President and continued to build the party as the main opposition

Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, President of the Party of European Socialists, said “Ivica Racan was a good and genuine leader, a man of enormous integrity and honesty, who served his country and his party with unquestionable loyalty. Despite his momentous contribution to the creation of a democratic Croatia he was a humble man, completely without any pretension. You could always be sure that you could talk freely and sincerely with him, and that any agreement you made with him was an agreement. His death is a big loss for Croatia and for social democracy in Europe. He will be sorely missed.