Martin Schulz calls for pro-EU left coalition against nationalists


Martin Schulz

Former SPD leader and European Parliament president Martin Schulz has issued a rallying cry for pro-European progressive forces, urging them to combine against the increasingly serious threat posed by nationalism and populism across the world.

The interview was published simultaneously today in several national newspapers, including in Spain, France and Italy.

In the interview, Mr Schulz said:

"The idea of Europe is based on three pillars: solidarity, respect and dignity. But we are going through times in which those pillars are at risk. One example is the populist incitement against minorities and the search for short-term benefits, as can be seen in Italy.

"At a time when we are experiencing American unilateralism and Russian authoritarian expansion, Europe cannot engage in regressive politics; it should display a fortitude based on the values of a democratic society with an integrated economy in which welfare reaches everyone instead of just a few."

Strongly criticising Salvini and Trump, Martin Schulz is also frank in identifying the organisation and strengths of anti-European forces, and argues that pro-Europeans must combine to fight them before it is too late:

"Determined people cannot be faced with hesitating people. We need a counter-movement. We need a rebellion of decency. Those of us who believe that cooperation between states and nations is the best thing that humanity could do in the 21st century must rise and get organized. The time has come for a real, left-wing, pro-European movement."

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