PES & BSP seminar in Plovdiv



This weekend the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), jointly with the Party of European Socalists (PES), organised a three-day seminar in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Titled “Challenges to the Left in Europe and in Bulgaria in 2015”, the seminar was opened yesterday by PES President Sergei Stanishev and BSP Chairman Mihail Mikov.

Sergei Stanishev stated that; "it is unfair that our country today gives privileges to some and discriminates others. The conservative government’s Program for stabilisation of Bulgaria for the 2014-2018 is a program to promote the 'status quo'. Their only goal is GERB's own survival. The BSP needs to be the strongest opponent of their policies by showcasing our achievements and reminding the Bulgarian people that we are the party that makes things happen. Only by defending our values we will gain public trust in our party".

The PES President underlined that everywhere in Europe people want change – they want secure jobs, social justice and the perspective for a better life. "The world’s clock is turning to the left. Europe is turning to the left", said Mr Stanishev. "The threat is that, if the social democratic parties do not become the carrier of the change needed, others will. It is now time for a 'consensus based on solidarity', a new set of values and policies that meet citizens’ expectations for change. BSP's future relies on understanding and sharing with the people a clear and inspiring picture of what we want for Bulgaria. We want Bulgaria to be a fair, social, sovereign state".

The seminar included several panels opened to the media, featuring BSP and international speakers who discussed about key issues such as: the position of Bulgaria in Europe, the media environment of the country, risks to social and economic stability under the right-wing coalition government, and the importance of the upcoming local elections. The seminar had huge media coverage in local media.