PES Congratulates the leader of SDP BiH on the formation of a State Government


Zlatko Lagumdzija

This week, after more than a year without a government, the new State Government of Bosnia Herzegovina was formed. The government has been formed with Ministers coming from the six political parties involved in the negotiations. The new Government also adopted a new state budget.

PES President Sergei Stanishev stated that “after prolonged negotiation, a crucial agreement has been reached between the six parties in Bosnia Herzegovina. I know that the SDP will play a strong and positive role in bringing the country even closer towards EU Accession. I am sure that Zlatko Lagumdzija, new Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister, will play a very strong role”.

As a result of the long delays in the government formation and the lack of a state budget, Bosnia had fallen behind on the EU integration process. The PES believes that now that the government and budget negotiations have been concluded, Bosnia can get back on course for EU membership. The SDP has always been the most dedicated to furthering the EU membership process for Western Balkans countries, and it retains solid and enthusiastic support from the PES.