PES Congress to ‘set in stone’ plans for common candidate and put Europe on a new track


Ruairi Quinn, Minister for Education, Ireland and Philip Cordery, PES General Se

The Party of the European Socialists (PES) today outlined their plans for their Congress, which takes place in Brussels today and tomorrow (28-29 September). The plans were outlined by Congress Chair Ruairi Quinn (Minister for Education, Ireland) and Philip Cordery (PES General Secretary and Member of the French National Assembly) at a press briefing this morning.

Mr. Quinn announced that the Congress will elect Sergei Stanishev as PES President. Mr. Stanishev has been acting as interim President for the last ten months and is running for election unopposed.

The Congress Chair emphasised that reconnecting Europe with its citizens was a PES priority. For this reason, he said; “the PES plans for a Common candidate would be included in the PES statutes (constitution). The plans originally adopted at the PES Council in November 2011, outline concrete and clear procedures to make the selection a democratic one”. Mr. Quinn added that; “ the PES is the only European Party that can deliver a system to genuinely include citizens in the selection of European leaders”.

The PES plans to put Europe on a new track was addressed by the PES General Secretary Philip Cordery. “Our congress will adopt a resolution which calls for a new European direction, a social pact to balance economic policy, a clear commitment to solidarity and a responsible budget based on investment”.

The Congress will continue with high level consultations on the fundamental programme this afternoon (PES Headquarters) and the plenary sessions in the Square Conference centre tomorrow from 9h00.