PES: Ignoring the far right once empowers them everywhere


Boston counter-demonstration

When a small contingent of the alt-right attempted to stage a rally in downtown Boston, over 40,000 counter-demonstrators turned out to contest them.

The Party of European Socialists is deeply worried by the latest activities of far-right and neo-Nazi movements, including provocative behaviour and sometimes illegal activities in Europe and across the Atlantic.

The PES has always stood firm against the forces of far-right nationalism in all its forms. Now we see these forces in a new and even more disturbing form, transforming from populism, xenophobia and anti-Europeanism to Nazi flags, torches and white supremacists.

PES president Sergei Stanishev said:

"We are not naïve. Each time we ignore far-right political statements, hate speech or violence, each time we back down, we empower extremists everywhere.

"These are all manifestations of the same underlying attitudes, and we must expose and fight every manifestation.

"But we must also address the causes of these damaging sentiments. We must help people across Europe to feel supported and empowered in their everyday lives, so they don't turn in desperation to extremism. That's why the PES fights for a more social Europe, for European solidarity, and for a Union that works for the benefit of its citizens."

The PES will continue its fight for human rights, equality, peaceful coexistence, integration and diversity.