PES Ministers of Employment and Social Affairs plan next steps towards a Social Union



Meeting today in Luxembourg, PES Ministers of Employment and Social Affairs reaffirmed their long commitment to foster a real Social Union. In light of the "Five Presidents' report" on completing the Economic and Monetary Union published in June, they emphasise the need for a social dimension to appear more prominently in the structure and priorities of the EMU and in the whole European Semester.

As Luxembourg Minister of Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy, Nicolas Schmit,  clearly stated: "With high unemployment, wage competition and increasing inequalities, it will be fundamental for the future of the EU that we turn our European Union into a real 'Social Union'. With more action on social issues and employment Europe can demonstrate that it cares for the people - rather than only for the markets."

PES Ministers will make sure that the idea of Social union does not become an empty slogan. Together they are ready to seize the opportunity that the process of completing of the EMU offers, and will advance social initiatives, social standards and a more balanced governance that gives the same prominence to social and employment development as to the economy.