PES: Parliament in Skopje voted for the better future of the citizens


Zaev stanishev

The PES welcomes the vote of the parliament in Skopje to start the procedure of changing the name of the country as a first big step towards the European future of FYR of Macedonia.

PES president Sergei Stanishev said:  The future of Macedonian citizens is in the European Union and NATO and the vote in the parliament yesterday was a big step towards that future. The PES congratulates the social-democratic government in Skopje and prime minister Zoran Zaev for their commitment to European values and their devotion to secure better life to the people of Macedoina.

The real path towards the EU and NATO became possible only because of the progressive governments in both FYR of Macedonia and Greece, and we hope they will manage to bring the entire process to a positive end.”

The PES is supporting the Euro-Atlantic path of Macedonia and the European socialists and democrats are standing firmly by the government of Zoran Zaev, who is bringing the country closer than ever to the European Union and NATO.

“We wish success to Zoran Zaev and all progressive forces at the next steps of the process”, Stanisehv added.

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