PES Presidency adopts progressive Investment Plan in order to help increase “the living standards of all Europeans”


Achim Post, Pedro Sánchez & Sergei Stanishev during the PES Presidency meeting

The PES Presidency adopted today a Declaration on a European Investment Plan with clear and concrete commitments. During the meeting in Brussels, Presidency members highlighted the urgency to implement an ambitious Investment Plan in Europe in order to effectively promote economic recovery and create new and decent jobs.

PES President Sergei Stanishev pointed out that; “the PES has been fighting for the implementation of a concrete investment strategy since the start of the crisis. We are delighted that our calls have been eventually acknowledged by the new European Commission and that now the Commission will bring forward a European Investment Plan. We want their plan to include fresh money and target both private and public investment. Without an ambitious Investment Plan, Europe cannot retrieve its path towards economic recovery and sustainable economic growth. It cannot provide a job to the 25 million unemployed women and men. It risks keeping 5 million young people without a job. This is unacceptable. Action has to be taken now for increasing the living standards of all Europeans”.

To learn more about the PES proposals, please read the background policy paper and the PES Presidency Declaration.