PES Presidency outlines next steps after Greek elections



Today, the PES Presidency approved a declaration on the next steps after the Greek elections, stating that "PASOK and all our parties have always chosen the path of responsibility and honesty, against all forms of populism. In the face of strong conservative majorities, we are steering the debate in the right direction, despite the massive resistance".

The declaration also highlighted that “the result of the Greek elections has created a new context: as Socialists and Democrats we will step up our fight for a different Europe, and work with the new Greek government and all governments, in order to achieve a successful outcome to the Greek debt crisis, in the interest of Greek people and of all Europeans”

The Presidency members also made key preparations for next week’s pre-European Council meeting (February 12), the PES Leaders meeting in Madrid (February 21), and the PES Congress in Budapest (12-13 June).