PES Presidency: “the answer to terrorism and extremism is unity”



The PES Presidency stressed today the importance of protecting our democratic values against extremist threats and terrorist acts like the recent tragic events in France. The declaration “United against fear” was approved during the meeting, a strong-worded document that urges “all European political parties to fight against contemporary totalitarian ideologies, against extremism, against all those who try to frame our societies and our values in categories or boxes, where the other is a threat for our safety”.

PES President Sergei Stanishev stated: “Extremists need to understand that their cause is lost from the very beginning. We will never let violence curtail our freedom of expression: we live in a united and inclusive society that will always defend democracy with more democracy. Today, the PES declaration of principles is still as relevant as ever: we believe that the only way to ensure a safe Europe is by encouraging a sense of belonging based on a confident inclusion of all and not the fearful exclusion of some. Our political family is and will keep working at every level to fight radicalisation and violence and promote the education and integration of every citizen – because the answer to terrorism and extremism is unity”.

After the Presidency, the traditional New Year’s Reception was held at the PES headquarters, where President Stanishev underlined that; “thanks to the efforts of our political family, change is finally happening in Europe. We are putting sustainable growth and progressive investment back on the political agenda, we are making the European Youth Guarantee a reality, and we are fighting all across the continent to build a more social Europe, a Europe that invests in its people. I am certain that 2015 will be a crucial year to use this momentum and put our progressive values into action”.