PES President on Israel-Gaza conflict: “The region’s best chance of peace lies at the negotiating table”



The Party of European Socialists (PES) has shown deep concern about the loss of innocent lives in Gaza and Southern Israel. The ongoing conflict, which has cost thousands of lives in the last years, was renewed and intensified last week by violent episodes on both sides of the border.

PES President Sergei Stanishev called on all sides to put an end to the hostilities, stressing that; “it is simply unacceptable that so many innocent lives are being lost. Ordinary people are paying a very high cost for this conflict. The PES urges immediate and absolute restraint to avoid further escalation: acts of violence must stop at once”.

Mr. Stanishev added: “Only a negotiated two-state solution can allow people to finally live in peace without fear. Their security and reconciliation depends on a long term solution where dialogue, and not confrontation, prevail over threats and the language of hate. The region’s best chance of peace lies at the negotiating table”.

On Monday, EU Minister of Foreign Affairs met in Brussels to discuss the latest events in the Middle East. The PES hopes that the European Union will play a strong role, both as mediator and arbitrator, to find a solution to the current crisis.