PES President opens Romanian Presidential rally of 70,000 Ponta supporters


This weekend saw PES President Sergei Stanishev address the launch of Victor Ponta’s bid to become Romanian President. Stanishev told the 70,000 Ponta supporters that; “the country that you want and you deserve it is a country where democracy is respected by all, where every citizen has access to decent education, decent pensions, where healthcare is a priority…and believe me my friends the only person capable of achieving all this is Victor Ponta”.

He added that; "25 million men and women are unemployed in Europe; 5.7 million young people are unemployed; 125 million - one in four Europeans - are threatened by poverty or social exclusion. Give us the power to change this! Together we will defeat the policy of austerity only. We will fight for economic growth, investment and jobs”.

In reply Mr. Ponta, who is the Prime Minister of Romania, said "I thank my friend Sergei Stanishev for support in extremely difficult times for me. For the third time one of the most modern politicians of Europe opened our victory campaign: the 2012 parliamentary elections, European this year and now the presidential election.

Mr. Ponta is leading in the polls by 45% to 22%. His victory would see the PES gain another seat at the European Council.