PES Task Force on the Arab Spring supports progressives forces across the Arab world


PES Arab Spring Task Force

On 6 June the PES held a meeting of its Task Force on the Arab Spring in the PES Headquarters in Brussels. The meeting was an opportunity for progressive parties from the region and PES member parties to meet and discuss the current state of play of the revolutions and what our future actions together will be. In attendance was FFS Algeria, ESDP Egypt, USFP Morocco, Fatah Palestine, FDTL Tunisia, PS Belgium, spa Belgium, PS France, PD Italy, PSOE Spain, SAP Sweden, PS Switzerland and LP UK, the European for Democracy and Solidarity and Solidar.

Among the topics discussed were the democratic general elections that have changed the political landscape in several Arab countries and the drafting of their new democratic constitutions are historical events happening during this political transition moment.

PES Secretary General Philip Cordery stated “The PES has been captivated by the changes in the Arab world in the past year and a half. We remain committed to working with our partners to achieve democratic transition in the Arab World. Our progressive friends in the region are doing tremendous work in this crucial period to promote democracy and economic & social development in their countries. They have our full solidarity. The EU should do its utmost to accelerate its financial support to the region”